Monday, March 21, 2011


Yesterday was the spring equinox, Ostara the druids called it. It is the day when daylight and night time are about equal. But in nature, this is but a blur in the rotating seasons. In Ridgebury it is snowing hard today. Dog and I walked around the golf course noticing all the signs that our time out there is limited. Benches, trashcans, containers of sand are all out waiting for the “golfermen”. Yet winter hangs on in our every footprint with snow clinging to my boots & Dog’s fur. The hunter’s feeding station is still there. Winter’s woody debris is still scattered about the fairways. But the ponds no longer are covered in their mantle of ice. Geese cruise on one and Dog has spooked some wood ducks out of another. Skunk cabbage is well into its blooming phase with some leaves even unrolling in places. Man declares it Spring but for nature it is tug-of-war time between the seasons. Photo: Wood Duck by Larry Peterson -

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